Ride Details
Details for a ride posted by Danu
Type of Ride:Carpool/Recurring Needed
Starting Point:Winlaw, BC
Destination:Nelson, BC
Start Date:Mar. 5, 2014
End Date:Ongoing
Need a Ride For:People and Goods
Travel Details:NEEDING HELP through a crisis. RAW chocolatiers need regular ride to make chocolate at a certified kitchen in town. Need pickup/drop-off at our home, just south of Lebado flats, with our big bins of equipment. Our rental kitchen is on Carbonate st. between Josephine and Hall. Will happily contribute much fresh chocolate as well as money for such a favour :)
Will ride with:Women or men
Will ride with:Smokers or non-smokers
I'm able to contribute:$10
Licensed to Drive:Yes
Willing to Share Driving Duties:Yes
Operate a Manual Transmission:Yes
Trip comments:2 adults, two big rubbermaid bins and 3 large buckets.
Contact Information
E-mail Address:danu@project89.org
Phone Number:(250)226-6862