Ride Details
Details for a ride posted by Todd
Type of Ride:Carpool/Recurring Offered
Starting Point:Spokane, WA
Destination:Trail, BC
Departure Date:May. 18, 2014
End Date:Ongoing
Need a Ride For:People and Goods
Travel Details:I travel from Spokane to Trail and straight back to Spokane, every Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. I live in Spokane, and leave here every Friday around 11:30 am, and Sunday afternoon around 3 pm. I have room for 2 adults. Will drop you off at your destination (within reason), just looking for a little help with gas money $25.00 - $30.00, depending on where you need to be dropped off. You must cross the border on foot, since I am responsible for everything that may be in my car. Don't worry, the customs officials expect you to do so, it's not a surprise to them. Call or email - Todd - 509-927-8044.
Will ride with:Women or men
Will ride with:Smokers or non-smokers
I'm asking for:$30
Willing to Share Driving Duties:No
About The Poster:Love local history, nature, and philosophy, but can talk about most any subject.
Contact Information
E-mail Address:tmc770@hotmail.com
Phone Number:(509)927-8044