Ride Details
Details for a ride posted by Aaron
Type of Ride:Carpool/Recurring Offered
Starting Point:Nelson, BC
Destination:Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC
Departure Date:May. 22, 2014
End Date:Ongoing
Need a Ride For:People Only
Travel Details:Leaving Nelson on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 12:45 Sharp from Downtown Ward and Baker.
Will ride with:Women or men
Will ride with:Non-smokers only
I'm asking for:$5
Willing to Share Driving Duties:No
Trip comments:I work at Ainsworth with a consistent starting time, but cannot offer rides to return to Nelson. Many people who work at the resort live in Kaslo and could take you the rest of the way if that is your destination.
About The Poster:I like good music and good company!
Contact Information
E-mail Address:anray7@gmail.com
Phone Number:(250)551-4233