Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer of Liability and Warranties

A. You understand and agree that it is possible that errors and omissions will occur in data input or programming done by Kootenay Rideshare/West Kootenay EcoSociety (WKES) (to provide that data). You further understand and agree that it is probable that errors and omissions will occur in the record keeping process, especially when a large number of records are developed and maintained, and that such data may not meet your standards as to accuracy or completeness. Notwithstanding, you agree to take the data "as is", fully expecting that there may be errors and omissions associated with the data.

B. You further understand and agree that WKES makes absolutely no warranty whatsoever, whether expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, thoroughness, value, quality, validity, suitability, condition or fitness for a particular purpose of the data or any programming used to obtain the data, nor as to whether the data is error-free, up-to-date, complete or based upon accurate or meaningful facts.

C. You further understand and agree that you forever waive any and all rights, claims, causes of action or other recourse against WKES for injuries or damages of any type, whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or otherwise, resulting from any error or omission in the data or in any programming used to obtain the data, or in any manner arising out of or related to the data retrieved herein. You agree that WKES shall not be liable to you for any liability, claim, loss, damage, injury or expense of any kind caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the inadequacy of data obtained from The Kootenay Rideshare, by any deficiency of Kootenay Rideshare or your systems, by any delay or failure to provide service, or by any other interruption, disruption or loss to your operations.

D. Maps, map products and map related data sources available on this website, including but not limited to imagery, data, and data sources are hereby specifically identified as being unsuitable for use in navigation. By using these mapping products, you also understand and agree to the stipulations set forth in Sections A through C of this document as they apply to your use of data. In addition, maps created by others shall not be used for navigation, or otherwise represented as being suitable for that purpose. Maps created by others using tools or data, or which include data supplied by WKES shall not be represented as being produced by WKES. By using any of these products or services, you have agreed to these terms, whether or not the map or any other use is labelled "Not for Navigation".